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POWER-SORB Ultra Absorbent Pads are a unique product that soak up spills and leaks quickly and easily. POWER-SORB PADS feature 100% solid, natural fiber construction. POWER-SORB PLUS PADS absorb up to 25 times their weight in oil, solvent, paint, fuel, antifreeze, etc. In fact one POWER-SORB PLUS PAD will absorb an amazing 117 ounces of oil, almost a full gallon. POWER-SORB WHITE PADS are a thinner version of the POWER-SORB PADS and they absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid. Use POWER-SORB PADS for all maintenance departments, shops, fleet repair, production line and processing & manufacturing applications. POWER-SORB PADS are ideal for Spill Response Units and hazardous material spill kits. Both the POWER-SORB PLUS PADS and the POWER-SORB WHITE PADS come in convenient 18” by 18” squares. The POWER-SORB PLUS ROLL measures 3 feet by 50 feet. The POWER-SORB WHITE PADS are also available in a round to fit over a 55 gal drum, complete with pre-cut holes.

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