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Our customers are our best advertisement.

“We buy numerous products from AIS Specialty Products. Currently we are purchasing Aqua Power which is a cleaner/degreaser with bi-phase emulsification and other AIS products. AIS products are Earth friendly products that are biodegradable and environmentally safe; that still are powerful and tough enough to remove oil and dirt substances with little scrubbing. We have been very impressed with this product and the others we have purchased from AIS Specialty Products and would recommend their products due to their ability to reach desired outcomes while being environmentally friendly at a competitive price. “

-N.P., Mansfield, OH.

“I am pleased to give this product review for AIS Specialty Products. We cannot say enough about the products we buy and use on a daily basis. Let’s start with GREASE AWAY. We use this to clean oil spots from garage floors, grease on the tile and we’ve even used it to clean some of our equipment. It cleans really good! AMER-BAC is used on the showers floors and walls and we spray this on the carpets to remove pet odors. It’s another product we like to keep around. Then the most used product is AMER GREEN. This all-purpose cleaner we use on steam rooms to remove scale build up with little to no scrubbing. It works wonders on rust stains on our pool decks, sidewalk and poles fences. The list can go on!! All 3 of the products are a MUST HAVE for us and ANY property!! I would like to thank Lisa, the Sales REP for introducing us to these 3 wonderful products.”

-R.T., Luxury Condominiums, Las Vegas, NV

“A pressurized water line was so intense, it blew the moisture out of our skin! We coated our skin in Ruff Be Gone for 3 days straight and it healed our arms and hands. This stuff is wicked good!”

-Las Vegas, NV